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Tables for students in Myanmar


The Aung Myae Oo Monastic School in Sagaing is one of the largest monastery schools in Myanmar and takes care of orphans or children from very poor families. Even the poorest children in the world should be able to attend school. The Aung Myae Oo Monastic School in Sagaing has been trying to do this since 2003. Started with 31 children, over 3,300 children now attend the school. The school is supported by the Hamburg-based Mudita Foundation.

In 2019, Cem volunteered for 2 months at the school where over 400 children live in the home. There he played with the little ones, taught them and, above all, tried to help them. On his own, he generated donations to buy washing machines so that clothes and bed linen could finally be properly washed. The children suffer from scabies, smallpox, bed bugs and other skin diseases. He also bought new blankets, pillows and sleeping mats so that each child had their own at night.


We now want to get tables so that children from 8 classes no longer have to kneel on the floor in class. We order the tables from a local carpenter so that he can still earn money.


Our donation goal: 1,500 €


For what? Wooden tables from a local carpenter for the Aung Myae Oo Monastic School in Sagaing (Myanmar).


More information about the Mudita Foundation:




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