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We, the 11 founders of One Veedel, all come from the Bergisches Land, most of them from Overath. There is already a small organization there called the Spirit of Zambia. Petra and her husband Manfred collect funds to build wells in Zambia. And we want to support them in this. It is a wonderful idea to build a drinking water well for a small village in southern Africa.


But why is a drinking water well so important anyway? Most of the villages in the Mfuwe region in Zambia do not have their own water supply. So the girls usually have to walk for kilometers before school in the morning to fetch water. Then they go to school only. They have to leave again in the afternoon. Fetch water. When the well is in the village, everyday school life becomes more relaxed for the children and they have more time to study. More time for education!


The well is being built by a local company. To do this, the first thing to do is to drill approx. 35 meters deep into the earth in order to get the clean drinking water. When the first water bubbles up, it's a festival. Let's celebrate many such festivals together!


Spirit of Zambia have already built 5 wells and the 6th well is currently being built.


Our donation goal: € 6,500


For what? For a drinking water well in a small village in the Mfuwe region in Zambia!


More information about Spirit of Zambia:



Drinking water well in Zambia


One Veedel e.V. is a registered non-profit organization.

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