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# ONEDANKE (finished)

We start

Dear Ones,


in the future we want to support a small football club in Cape Town, a monastery school in Myanmar and a well project in Zambia with One Veedel. But now it's about what OneVeedel is all about.


The look into the here and now. We want to say THANK YOU to all the people who are there for us in the current crisis. Intensive care carers, nurses, parcel deliverers, paramedics and so on!


How's the action going? We want to say THANK YOU to the named people with a voucher. Each is worth € 20. It should be an attention that we think of them! But we also want to support the restaurants, cafes, breweries, theaters, etc. in the current crisis!


We welcome any support! Simply donate via PayPal to or click on the button below - with the subject "OneDanke". We'll keep you up to date on Instagram!


Some lovely people have already supported us and from the first 600 euros we bought vouchers for 300 euros each at Brehmer's Cafe and the Goldener Pflug brewery in Merheim. This week we handed them over to Monika Funken from the Cologne Clinics and she passed them on to 30 employees in the lung intensive care unit in Merheim!


Let's just continue like this! We're glad!

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  It is important that our club is heard and known. Please help us.
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